Ferrite – interactive liquid sculpture
Ferrite - interactive liquid sculpture

This project has been featured on Gizmodo, TechCrunch, OhGizmo, KeyshotBlog, SolidSmack, and TheNextWeb. View Ferrite in its current stage of development at http://getferrite.com I can’t think of anyone who isn’t fascinated by magnets. They exist in a realm outside our comprehension; an invisible yet tangible force, showing up only in the effect they have on […]

Sundrop – Net-Zero Energy Lamp
Sundrop - Net-Zero Energy Lamp

This project was featured on core77 as part of the Autodesk Design for (your) Product Lifetime Showcase. This is a concept that I’ve had in the back of my head for a while, and it was reignited by a recent article showing used soda bottles being filled with water and installed into houses in third-world countries. […]

2015 Volvo C30 EV Concept
2015 Volvo C30 EV Concept

Working in collaboration with three other design students, we set out to design the plug-in electric vehicle of the near future, utilizing technologies and materials not yet commercial available. The design criteria called for the vehicle to be tailored to life in Savannah, GA, and work to improve upon the existing model of currently available […]

Advanced Prototyping – Racing Wheelchair
Advanced Prototyping - Racing Wheelchair

Criteria: Construct a three-wheeled, human powered vehicle. As a team of three Industrial Design students, our first instinct was to build a tricycle. Pedal powered transport had seemed like the obvious choice at first. However, as we continued searching we came upon an interesting niche of wheelchair racing. The thought of hand powered transport had […]

Manufacturing Technology – Toy Redesign
Manufacturing Technology - Toy Redesign

The Bolt Laser is a unique automated pet toy. A laser diode is mounted on a motor which randomly moves back and forth in a circular pattern. The laser reflects off a dish at the top of the toy onto the floor, creating a semi-random pattern for the pet to chase. The product features an adjustable mirror as well as a multifunction button that can set a shut-off timer.

Contract Furniture – Design for Public Spaces
Contract Furniture - Design for Public Spaces

Commercial and contract furniture requires different design criteria to survive the harsh use of a public venue. Durability is key when designing for spaces such as Malls, Hotels, and Business Centers. Comfort may at times be purposefully ignored in order to ensure that people do not rest for long periods of time. In many cases, […]

Fab Lab – Authorshape
Fab Lab – Authorshape

How can the hand of the artist be represented within a digital framework? The digital medium is one of controversy. Art, which had once been purely about the hand and skill of the artist, has found a new platform in the digital world. Can the stroke of an artists brush truly be captured as data? […]

Fab Lab – Swell
Fab Lab – Swell

On August 14th 2009, the Digital Fabrication Club [fablab]_scad began its transformation of the Boundary Hall Gallery at the Savannah College of Art and Design. We have created a large scale sculptural installation using laser cut cardboard panel that were generated from a computer model in Rhino. This is the first of many collaborative efforts […]

Form Study – JCB Toolkit
Form Study - JCB Toolkit

Building on the research done during Human Factors testing, a team of 2 other students and I created a set of full scale hand tools based on JCB’s design language. Tools were selected based on the needs and materials used by the Haitian people. Special attention was placed on incorporating the company’s brand aesthetic while maximizing ergonomics and functionality.